Saturday, March 28, 2009

Garden Prep...

Today we made the effort to rent a rototiller to prep the garden area. We have been planning on doing this for a while but our weekends have been pretty well shot. Plus today is my only day off this weekend. So we ran it over the area quite a few times and then mixed in some fertilizer to hopefully make the ground good enough to actually grow something.

The kids also spent some time playing outside in the water and such and all it all it was a pretty nice day! Everyone is pretty tired right now though!

So not sure if you read but we had an incident on the base this week and we have been working late to support the response effort. I am schedule to work again tomorrow and from Wed on I think I am already at 14 hours of OT not including tomorrow. It's kind of a drag the reasoning but I am really proud of all my guys who have done an exceptional job of supporting and creatively resolving problems.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Strange Friday

Well today was an odd day. I took today off because Denise had to do a Girl Scout overnight camping training event tonight and she also had to do some running around in town. So I did some stuff around the house and Deanna and I hung out. We also had some packages arriving today. Well the idea was that with Denise gone the rest of us would camp in the trailer while she was camping. Well, Devin wanted nothing to do with that so that idea went down in flames. Then toward later afternoon there was a situation at work that took about an hour of telephone tag to kind of resolve so that was kind of stressful. So no play camping and everyone is now asleep. Desirae handled the camping thing pretty well and I told her that we would do it tomorrow when Denise is home, just didn't want to leave Devin in the house by himself.

On the package front I had an idea to refresh or computer issues. The iMac is starting to get long in the took so I bought another white Mac Book and a Dell 20" Ultra Sharp LCD monitor. So now Denise and I both have notebook computers but can still use it like a desktop. I am going to try to fix the iMac (the super drive bit the dust) and we will either sell it or let Devin use it. Hopefully this will keep us going for a while. I have the 24" Dell Ultra Sharp's at work and they (and this one) seems pretty darn nice and I think it will work out well. Will probably make dealing with pictures easier too.

Anyway hopefully there will be more to tell tomorrow!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quick weekend...

This was a pretty quick weekend filled with a bunch of stuff! First off, Denise invited one of her friends over to work on some crafting projects. So while they were working on that I make a run over to Bakersfield to do some running around and meet up with my Dad. Desirae also had a sleep over too so that was kind of cool.

On Saturday we decided to head into town and do some more running around. Desirae wanted to go to build-a-bear, Devin and Denise wanted to go to Barnes and Noble and I wanted to go to BestBuy. So we made our way into town and did a bunch of running around. We used Denise's replacement camera to do the video above!

Well, here's hoping that you had a great weekend too!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Daren's Recording Studio...

So, I have a garage photo studio and Daren has a recording studio (but not in the garage). So he invited me over so we could "jam" and he could see my amps. So I loaded everything up in the truck, include a set of lights, and headed over to Bakersfield.  One thing that was kind of cool was Daren asked me play something that I knew and he turned it into a song.  So he recorded it then added all the other elements to include a drum track, base guitar and lead guitar and rolled it all into a finished track.  It was basically a hack but it was sure neat to see the process and have a finished product at the end.  Daren has been doing this for many years and is pretty darn good.  I actually had one of my softboxes set up while we were doing this so I was able to kind of turn in recording studio in to a photo set. It was really a lot of fun and I didn't end up getting on the road until 1130PM so it made for a REALLY LONG night.