Monday, July 05, 2010

The kids are back!

Like I said yesterday the kids are back!  Denise had bought a slip-n-slide while they were gone and pulled it out today for them to play with.  Fortunately the weather was HOT (it's always hot here) so it worked out great in the back yard.  All the kids, including Devin, took many runs at it but Desirae was the one that was able to travel the entire distance of the slide.  

It was pretty fun to watch them doing it and for a while Denise and I just kicked back and watched.  After a while I thought it might be fun to try and capture the action and I ended up with some of the shots that you see here.

It is really nice having everyone back home even if it is going to be short lived until everyone leaves again.  Oh well...

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Home again and the 4th of July!

The made it home safe on Saturday and it was really nice to see them again.  Everything rolled into the 4th of July celebration with Denise's traditional BBQ ribs, dessert and the California City fire works show.  We hand an outstanding meal and a pretty darn good fireworks show.  I think we are always impressed with the quality of the fireworks that California City puts on.

After having a few weeks of quite time it was really neat to have all the commotion of the kids back in the house.  It is really funny how it seems like they have never been gone and been gone forever all at the same time!

So Nana and Max will head back home tomorrow.  It's really too bad that we can't visit more but that darn work things seems to always get in the way.

After that, mid next week Denise and the kids will head on the next part of summer vacation where they travel to Oklahoma to visit family!  Unfortunately I have to stay here but at least this is going to give them a longer trip instead of the typical two week.  I really wish I was going but oh well...