Saturday, October 18, 2008

Soccer & Renaissance Faire

Today was a pretty busy day; we had both Desirae’s soccer game and the annual California City Renaissance Faire at Central Park. The day started pretty early to but it was really a good game and the kids had a boatload of fun. Desirae even scored another goal today and I got a bunch of photographs of the ball rolling in – so I apologize up front about the excess of those shots – I would normally cull it down – but oh well. The one different thing is that our team was staged on the other side of the field in the sun – so it meant that a lot of the backdrop was the parents watching the game. Anyway I put the selects here!

The Renaissance Faire was REALLY good and the turn out of people and venders was impressive for our small little town. We had a lot of the same folks that normally come, and the first show of the day included the guy who did the “Darth Devin” cape back in 2006. After his show he asked if he was “Darth Devin” and it was cool to talk about that. Deanna even had a chance to visit with the Queen and her court and she really got a kick out of that.

We also met Ann, Cherokee and Aquaria at the event and we hung out together. I think we spent something like 4 hours there looking at the different booths and watching the various shows. One thing that was really cool was the sword-fighting event where the guys let all the kids beat on one of the knights/squire. It was really insane but the kids had a blast. They left Devin for first before they did it like a mob thing. At the end of it when we asked to get photographs of all the guys with the kids they swore Devin into their guild of the BlackHorse clan (at least I think that was the name) it was really cool and I think Devin got a kick out of it. Considering all of his “Star Wars – Jedi Knight” game playing it’s pretty appropriate!

I put the photos from the Faire here!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

More Soccer...

Nana and Max came down to see one of Desirae's soccer games. Other than the fact it was an early game, it was cold and windy it was GREAT! Anyway Desirae also scored her first goal ever during a game today. She was pretty excited about it. It was a pretty good game and it was great fun to watch the kids run around the field. They are getting A LOT better too. The rest of the files are here!