Sunday, January 09, 2011

Starting out the year...

Well, this was a pretty good weekend, well at least for the most part.  We had previously packed up the Christmas stuff and it was staged in the garage to be put back up in the rafters.   That went well minus tripping over a box that ended up throwing my back out...  I didn't really know it at the time.

So my plan was to make a trip down to LA to hit some camera and lighting stores.  I was going to try to boondoggle down with some other folks but I couldn't get a hold of anyone and decided to just go solo.  That worked well until the trip home when my back decided to remind me that it wasn't feeling too good...  Oh well...

The plan today was to head over to Bakersfield to do some shopping...  That was pretty much out of the picture so Denise decided to do her own solo trip into Lancaster/Palmdale to do some running around.  I pretty much spent the day on heating pads and taking medication.  Someone mentioned Alieve and once I got some when Denise got home I'm feeling much better, going to have to keep that stuff around!

At one point during the day I did get a chance to take this image of Deanna.  I thought it was really a cute shot.  She wanted me to read to her so I ended up reading a couple of the cooks, inlacing this one here.

Well I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


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