Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Rock Band 2

Everyone has been having fun playing with the new Rock Band and we found one additional "feature" of the new version (or at least having two sets) that you can compete against other folks. So in the photograph above Denise and Desirae are dueling it out on the drums. Desirae and I also did it earlier with guitar, and for the record she kicked my butt!

When I brought out the camera Deanna started hamming it up and really wanted her photograph taken so I also grabbed some snaps of her. All in all it has been a pretty good Christmas and everyone has been pretty happy.

Desirae actually did a sleep over at one of her friends houses yesterday and she had a blast over there, playing Rock Band 2... (Go figure)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Well, I can't believe this, but I actually didn't take any photographs or video of today... Hmm, not sure what I was thinking on that one... Today was Christmas and we had a pretty nice day. "Santa" scaled down this years event and Denise and I were both a bit worried that would cause a problem but other than a few comments like "wow, that went fast" there were no other questions, complaints or comments. It actually worked out well because the kids end up playing with everything they got and it didn't look like a bomb went off with wrapping paper afterward. The "big" present for "everyone" was Rock Band 2 and we spent most of the day playing that together. It is really amazing how a stupid video game can bring everyone together. It also a little odd because I go from Rock Band to Fender Guitar, although I do wish I could play more like "rock band' on the real guitar though.

As is tradition, Denise made her normal (okay Duane, this means when you search next year you can REMEMBER that she did it last year) breakfast stuff and outstanding dinner.

Honestly though I kind of liked the more conservative Christmas. Anyway Merry Christmas to all and I hope that Santa left you something VERY nice under the tree!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rock Band...

Denise made a list of things to do today and one of those things was to play Rock Band. It is something that we do from time to time. She was beating away at the drum set and I thought it would make a good photograph!

Well Sarah has left and we have no visitors at the house for the first time in over a month. It's kind of nice to have the house back!

This upcoming week is Christmas and as long as Santa UPS shows up on time everything will be just fine!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow day...

Well, this doesn't happen very often around here but it actually snowed! It started yesterday and continued through the night so when we woke up it was a winter wonder land. Pretty cool! We are not sure if they closed school, but since it was a minimum day anyway Denise just kept Desirae home. Work actually called the night before saying to report at 0930 because of the weather. Then, they called back around 0840 to say don't come to work. The funny part, because of the weather most people were on the road (like me) and we already in the middle of it. Pretty frustrating but at least we got the day off.

Well this is the last week that Sarah is going to be here. On Saturday we drive her back over the hill and then she is on a plane back home. It has really been helpful having her here and I am not really sure what we would have done had both her and my mom not come over to help. It has been kind of stressful having extra people in the house and dealing with Devin's recovery but knowing there was someone else here to help move him has really been wonderful. Devin is about at the point where he can start moving himself so I think we are going to be okay

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh, what a day...

Wow... I am not really sure what to write about today. It started good and ended good but the middle part was a freaking nightmare. Denise and I both woefully underestimated what was going to happen today. I mean it seemed simple enough. Drive down to Children's Hospital, maybe take a couple of x-rays, remove his casts put on some new casts. I mean what could be such a big deal about that. This is the part where we both forget about the surgery, the pins, the stitches and all the other joyful things that go with it. Basically Devin freaked... I would say that I was pretty close to doing that myself because the sight of seeing curved pins coming out of your kids skin is a bit unnerving. Considering everything that was going on Devin was pretty good but it did include a couple of hysterical fits. I kind of wish we would have brought the valium with us (I could have used it).

Anyway Doctor Kay said that everything looked great in person and on the x-rays. They casted Devin for his new braces and then gave him walking casts, although he really isn't going to be walking in them. Basically it means that he can put pressure on his feet and we can start moving him around more. We go back in a month and he will be completely out of casts.

After a brief visit with Santa, at Santa's work shop we headed home. They gave us a printed picture and I will try to scan that in later. On the way back, with traffic being bad and trying to make the most out of a very stressful day we luckily found an exit with a Black Angus so we stopped and hand some steak.

Well, bottom line, this whole experience is almost over and we are at the halfway point. The next phase (like I said above) is him getting completely out of the casts and then onto physical therapy. Considering everything that was done I think the chances for a good recovery and outcome are pretty good.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas program...

Desirae's Christmas program was today. Denise had the opportunity to go with just the two of them and really got to experience the show! I wasn't feeling good so the rest of us just stayed home. It seemed like it was a really nice program and Desirae was really excited about performing in front of everyone. She also go to say a line but we didn't get any video or photographs of it. The photograph to the right is of Desirae and her best friend Mykaila.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Another day...

Devin has adapted pretty well with his casts and such. Today Denise decided to try to flip him over on his stomach and he stayed this way for a while (playing video games). It worked out pretty good and as you can see from the photograph above he was pretty happy.

Sarah has been very helpful too and between the both Denise and Sarah they have been able to move Devin around while I am at work. So that has been a bit of a stress reliever.

Our followup appointment for Devin is on the 15th, that is the day they will swap his casts out. Time is flowing fairly quickly and I think he will be completely out of the casts before we know it!