Saturday, January 01, 2011

Ringing in the New Year!

Well Happy New Year everyone! 2010 is not officially over and we move onto what I am sure will be an excited 2011! We rolled in the new year going to watch the band my brother and dad are in called The Tsunami Surfers, the premier Bakersfield California Surf Band! This was their second performance and we had the opportunity to take the entire family to watch them play. Fortunately they played earlier in the evening so it wasn’t too much for the kids.

My dad has been talking about having a surf band for a few years now and it is really great that he and my brother are able to make it happen. As you can see from the pictures they are really going out to make it a authentic performance for the genre so they have matching vests, amps, guitars, etc which makes it pretty cool.

The lighting was kind of difficult for the venue but I was able to make it work and get some cool pictures out of it. All in all though I think everyone enjoyed the music and they were having fun.

At one point during the intermission of the performance they did a drawing and since Deanna was running around like a little mad girl having a blast they asked her to pick the winning numbers and that was pretty cool! Daren had bought some tickets for the kids but they didn’t win.

It was a really great time and really fun to see them play. They did a 2-hour set and although the kids started to get a little tired toward the end of the 2nd hour they did pretty good!


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