Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I think the key for everyone getting better is going to be getting enough rest. I took today off again to try and accomplish that. So Denise and I tried to take it easy, and Deanna took a nap. She looked so cute sleeping on the couch that I grab my camera to grab a picture of her. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel much better. I have a BUNCH more time left on my medication so I know it isn't going to be over quick - but some relief would be nice. I just hope that Denise doesn't get worse!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Denise has been poking me in the eye about not blogging so I thought I would post a couple of images from the newport beach trip and fill everyone in on what is going on. First, Denise, Desirae, and I are all sick. Desirae and I both have sinus infections and Denise has the flu that won’t go away. Devin and Deanna seem to be weathering the storm fairly well so far.

So after trying to self medicate for a week I punted today. This weekend was pretty miserable and it seemed like I was getting worse instead of better. Denise also pulled Desirae out of school and took her to urgent care because of her cough. My “same-day” appointment turned into a telephone consult with a prescription being called in. God I LOVE PPO medical plans.

So on one of the nights we were at the dunes Deanna and Denise where sitting together on the bed watching TV - laying next to me. I went to get my camera and Desirae came up and joined in. So I grabbed this image of just about everyone in the bed.

For the most part this month has been REALLY slow and frustrating. I haven’t accomplished just about anything I wanted to (photographically) and I am behind on just about everything. The only good news is that I finally made it past the mark on SS to get the “raise” so I will be earning 20% more than I was before - so that is cool.

Anyway I am pretty much out of it, but I wanted to do a quick update post... More to come - when we all come around!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Newport Dunes...

We made it to Newport Dunes to the Outbacker Rally. Denise broke out the Foreman to make hamburgers when we got here. It was pretty cool and the weather is nice. The wind is blowing a bit but not too bad.

It is pretty neat seeing all the different Outback trailers all lined up together. There are few folks that have Some Other Brand (SOB) like us, but everyone is VERY friendly. There were quite a few people there already when we arrived (around 1530). We are getting the hang of moving the trailer around, but it was still a tight fit because of the size of the trailer and the size of the lot. But we have everything together and it is a pretty nice place.

We walked around a bit when we got here and met some of the people that we only knew by handles on the forum. We have very unoriginal screen names (duaneellison & deniseellison). Anyway it was still cool - one of the guys (California Jim) brought his popcorn maker and was giving popcorn out to everyone that came by (wayt cool).

We also broke out the fire pit last night and had a nice little fire. So everything is going very well!

Update: Well, maybe the firepit wasn't such a good idea! I am not sure if it was that but I have been pretty well laid up this rest of the weekend. The next morning I left like I was going to die and our may adventure for the day was going to wal-mart to get drugs... I didn't even make it to the BBQ and Denise ended up going with the kids - which was a disaster and ended with her coming home early. I left a bit better on Sunday, but we did another fire to cook on and by the time we were ready for bed my head was completely stuffed and I couldn't breath... That's pretty much the way we stand right now... I guess I am just ready for this weekend to be over! Oh well... It was still nice to see a few people and be away from the house...