Friday, March 20, 2009

Strange Friday

Well today was an odd day. I took today off because Denise had to do a Girl Scout overnight camping training event tonight and she also had to do some running around in town. So I did some stuff around the house and Deanna and I hung out. We also had some packages arriving today. Well the idea was that with Denise gone the rest of us would camp in the trailer while she was camping. Well, Devin wanted nothing to do with that so that idea went down in flames. Then toward later afternoon there was a situation at work that took about an hour of telephone tag to kind of resolve so that was kind of stressful. So no play camping and everyone is now asleep. Desirae handled the camping thing pretty well and I told her that we would do it tomorrow when Denise is home, just didn't want to leave Devin in the house by himself.

On the package front I had an idea to refresh or computer issues. The iMac is starting to get long in the took so I bought another white Mac Book and a Dell 20" Ultra Sharp LCD monitor. So now Denise and I both have notebook computers but can still use it like a desktop. I am going to try to fix the iMac (the super drive bit the dust) and we will either sell it or let Devin use it. Hopefully this will keep us going for a while. I have the 24" Dell Ultra Sharp's at work and they (and this one) seems pretty darn nice and I think it will work out well. Will probably make dealing with pictures easier too.

Anyway hopefully there will be more to tell tomorrow!


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