Saturday, January 06, 2007

What a day...

Unfortunately there are no pictures for today. We took the trailer back to the RV place today to fix some damage that was caused from the work they did the last time on it. I am not sure when we will get it back but hopefully everything will be just as new when they are done with it. Our plan was to load get everything ready on Friday but I didn't get out of work until late and we (Denise) decided that it wasn't a good idea to try to do everything in the dark and wind. So we got up this morning and after breakfast went to work getting everything ready. It went okay albeit much longer than we really anticipated. We ended up leaving late and were a hour late for our appointment. However, we did finally make it and got it dropped off. We did some other running around to buy Desirae some new cloths and then went to the book store and CompUSA. I did buy another hard drive for my iMac and right now I am sitting on the MacBook watching the iMac download the software updates. At least I will have more space available which should make everything run much faster. My darn pictures really take up A LOT of space and the drive that was in it was just about full.

I hope to do some photography tomorrow and hopefully I will have something interesting to post!The shot above was from Tuesday. I have been going through the files a bit and there are a few shots that weren't terrible. This is a castle that is in the middle of no-where on the outskirts of Lancaster. There is a story about it - but I am not sure of the link right now. Kind of a neat looking place. It sure would be neat to get closers - but it is clearly posted to stay out.


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