Saturday, December 30, 2006

Side trip to park...

Today I went on a boondoggle down to Canoga to get some printer supplies. I am almost out of ink and I wanted to get some larger format paper for larger prints. I asked Devin he wanted to go but he back out when he found out it was an LA trip. For some reason a Bakersfield trip would have been okay - but not an LA trip (go figure). So I then asked Desirae and she immediately said that she wanted to go. On the way down there she saw a park and asked if we could stop there on the way back. So after we finished at Canoga Camera we made about an hour long stop at the park just down the road. It was a pretty good time and she even made friends with some of the kids playing there.

The one weird thing is how people will not watch their kids. The girls that Desirae was playing with were pretty much by themselves even though they were there with their brother. I never once saw anyone watching the girls and they were all over the place. At one point Desirae ran away from me to the other side of the playground an it was very scary to loose sight of her. I could not imagine going someplace like that and just ignoring her... Kind of weird...


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