Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day...

I have a bunch of pictures and stuff to go through - but I thought this was the most fun for today. Desirae got a bike for Christmas and Denise was helping her to ride it. By the end of the day Desirae was going pretty good and fast. She is staying in the driveway for now (on her own) but it was really cool!

Okay so I still haven't had a chance to do anything with pictures but I thought I would write some more just the same. Christmas was pretty darn good. Oh there were the typical kid frustrations that we had to deal with but all in all in was a very enjoyable time. I think everyone received what they were hoping for (I didn't really want a Bose Sound Dock anyway). The best part is always watching the excitement on the kids' face and even Deanna got into it this time. I did end up getting Denise a new camera (imagine that) but I switched camps and bought her a Canon. The above video was actually shot on it - so it looks like it does pictures and video pretty darn well.

Denise even pre-planned breakfast so it was pretty much made the night before and by the time the presents were unwrapped it was done baking. Dinner was great too! So - Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you had a wonderful day and was able to share it with someone you love!


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