Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Forgotten catastrophe

Yesterday I went on a photo boondoggle in search of great sunrises and interesting sunrises and beautiful scenes... Well let's just say it didn't quite work out the way I had it planned in my head! The first problem was Deanna not wanting to sleep and thus Denise and I didn't sleep (I did finally go to bed a bit after 0300 when she finally crashed). Next, my alarm that I thought should have went off at 0500 was actually set for 1700... I did happen to wake up at 0540 (which is a miracle unto itself) but that meant I got out the door and picked up a buddy of mine (Todd) WAY LATE. So as I was driving to his house (45 minutes away) I had the glorious opportunity to WATCH THE LIGHT GO AWAY!!!

However, am I one to be bitter about such little things as light? Of course not... Why be bitter about that when I can enjoy the fact that I couldn't focus to save my life! I mean I am using a freaking AUTO FOCUS camera... My technique was WAY off and I am sure having only a couple hours of sleep didn't help.

On the imaging side we did find this interesting abandoned (forgotten) house that we took some shots of. That was about the best I got during the outing. However, I do have to say this... It was very relaxing and enjoyable. I got to see stuff in the valley that I didn't know was there and basically just chill out for the morning/afternoon. You can check out Todd's better selection of photos here!

On a happier note - it appears that those holiday/vacationing designers are back to work and I had a good day of sales today. I was beginning to wonder if my images fell off the radar or something!


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