Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Childrens Hospital

Today was the big day and we made our trek down to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Devin's doctor has 9 years at Children's Hospital and he specializes on kids with cerebral palsy. He pretty much discounted what the other doctor had to say and when we offer to have his report sent he said "no thank you". He offered a plan of casting both of Devin's legs to put them into the right position with a constant stretch coupled with knee braces for the evening to get a full 8 hours of stretching at night. We will have the casts on until we go back down there on the 8th of January. Then they will either cast up some new braces for him or do another couple of weeks with another set of casts. He says that he has seen great results with the casts and that he has high hopes that it will make a big differences. Denise was the first to notice that he is standing better and straighter with the casts.

It was a bit stressful to have them go and do something like this - but it was kind of what I was hoping for. Someone who really had some quality experience dealing with this type of problems and not having to deal with the HMO roadblocks that we have in the past. Just think about it - Denise set up the appointment a couple of weeks ago (without a referral - just called and that was it) and when they decided he needed casts we just walked down the hall and had it done. No authorizations, referrals, disapproval or anything like that!

OBTW - I pasted that monthly milestone today. I have had my all time monthly high maxed to 60 pictures sold... Since it is only the 13th I should have a pretty good month!


At Thursday, 14 December, 2006, Blogger Donna Rae said...

VERY cool! This may be the beginning for Devin getting what he needs.


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