Sunday, January 03, 2010

End of the adventure...

Well, today is the end of the adventure that was our Christmas holiday vacation! Tomorrow Devin and Desirae head back to school after two weeks off and I back to a full week of work! The day before a long break is always kind of difficult and today was nothing different. We all enjoyed our last day but we also accomplished a few things as well!

First Denise did some catch-up around the house and everything tried to clean up a bit. I tried to "dump" the trailer, but that turned out to be a greek tragedy and involved a really long hot shower after I returned (worst part is that it didn't empty right and I have to do it again...).

At one point Denise and Desirae headed to Ace to pick some stuff up and Devin was kind of mopping in the living room. So we decided to do something and he got his shoes back on and I went out front and setup a photo shoot. It was pretty cool and although the light was going quickly we made some pretty fun images. Devin actually had fun doing it too so that was cool too.

Anyway, I need to shut down and prepare for tomorrow! I hope everyone had a great holiday and hopefully a nice little break from the daily grind!


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