Saturday, December 26, 2009

The day after...

Today was a pretty relaxing day where everyone, well at least on the Ellison side, just sat around, played games and just didn't do too much! In other words a pretty darn good day!

Michelle and crew actually went to Bakersfield to check on their house today and was gone for pretty much the entire day. I guess the house needs a lot of work so they still have their work cut out for them. Tomorrow they are heading for to visit their old Church so they will be gone probably before we get up.

On another note Arron is really interested in learning guitar and lately when he comes over he's really interested in practicing and trying to learn new things. It's really hard for me to think that I have a clue enough to help someone else but I'm trying. When that got back we kind of did an impromptu jam playing together on some chords and progressions he has been working on. It was actually kind of cool. That actually reminds me that earlier in the day Devin and I were doing something similar with Dev on the harmonica that he got for Christmas


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