Saturday, December 05, 2009


The photo shoot I had planned today didn't come together so Kris and I did a little bit of scouting up at Shea's Castle. Okay, first thing first the place is really cool because of the castle. After you get over that and realize that it's 1500 acres of area there are A LOT of places to photograph in and around the property. So we basically drove all over it checking out the different areas. One place that was kind of cool was over near the old landing strip. There was a really neat view of the castle in the background and I think that spot would make a really great location for a portrait like the one above.

So it was a really cool day and we both got a lot of good ideas for different photo shoots. Not it just a matter of remembering them and then pulling them off. I do have a pretty big shoot planned for Saturday the 12th. It's a multi-person shoot and should be a lot of fun!

Tomorrow we're just going to hang around the house and decorate for Christmas!


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