Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgivings!

Today is Thanksgivings and as a precautionary note we decided to stay home this year. It's a bit disappointing because everyone was really looking forward to heading up north. My mom is getting over having N1H1 and we figured it wasn't good risk-management to take the trip up there. She's feeling much better now so we were/are probably safe, but if we went up there it probably wouldn't be the case.

So Denise went to the store on Tuesday and bought all the stuff to make our traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It's just going to be the five of us but it will be great!

Desirae was really wanting to help Denise this year and even got up early to help. So it was really cool. So "they" made a turkey, Denise's gammie's butterhorn rolls, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, green beans and a homemade pumpkin and pecan pie! I, think we'll probably explode!

Otherwise it has been a really nice day, even got some time to play guitar a bit (in the garage with an amp no less).

Well, I hope everyone has had a great day and has paused for a moment to think about all the good things in their lives! Again, hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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