Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope, well we hope, that everyone had a great day filled with family, friends and a really great time! You would think with the tree down thanks to Cali (our cat) that it would have put a weird tint onto the holiday. But it didn't. We, and, Santa put all the presents on the fireplace underneath a beaded Christmas Tree Denise made a few years back. The kids didn't even seem to really notice or care and they were all very excited Christmas morning.

Everyone made out pretty good and the kids received things ranging from Legos, video games, dolls and a smattering of other things. (The really cool part is that it was a budget Christmas this year and everyone still seemed pretty happy). Devin even gave Desirae a game for her Nintendo DS and she was VERY excited and happy about that. It is really cool when the kids get to the age that they like giving things to other people!

I don't think I had mentioned this before but Denise Sister Michele and brother-in-law Fred and their kids Sarah, Aaron, Rachel, Caleb, Mary, Isaac and Justus are sending Christmas with us. Well actually them are going to Bakersfield to work in an orange grove for a couple of months and their house isn't ready for them. So they are crashing in our trailer until everything is settled. They don't really celebrate the gift exchange of Christmas so they just waited a bit before they came in side... And then everyone played with the new toys.

In the picture above Denise is putting together one of the new Lego® things that Devin received. Actually it is really cool because every other month he is going to get a new kit with I think a magazine so its like the gift that keeps on giving!


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