Saturday, November 28, 2009

Julia and Jamie...

Since we canceled our trip up my mom's for the holiday (swine flu fears) I setup a photo shoot with Julia and her boyfriend Jamie. It was kind of a target of opportunity but we setup about 4 hours to shoot up at the castle. The first "problem" was the weather turned. It was pretty darn cold and windy BUT it make the skies really cool. One of the main shots I wanted to do was a session with Julia's BMW on a "cross-roads" that leads to the castle. It was a pain to pull out the gear but it really worked well. As you can see in the one strobe above the car I didn't put any modifiers on the lights. With the wind it wasn't really an option.

I think the 4 hour plan turned into 5 hours and we shot our behinds off. We did quite a few shots at the cross-roads, then moved up to the main castle. From there we shot on the front steps for a while before we moved inside.

The hardest part of the day was moving the gear around. Every time we moved physical locations I had to load everything back up to pack it in the bronco (not a lot of room). Once we got into the castle things really picked up and we made some amazing shots by the fireplace and in front of some windows.

The best thing is that both Julia and Jamie were really great subjects. They were really into it and played up well the different sets and emotions we were trying to capture. I gotta say that having really wonderful subjects really makes for a great shoot!

It was a lot of hard work and I am beat from it but I think I have some amazing shots to work with. The count for the day was 719 frames. The images above are just quick selects and process from the shoot. I still have a bunch of images to go through... But that will be tomorrow!


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