Thursday, August 21, 2008

More guitar stuff...

Well, first I should start with mentioning that my brother was promoted at work, so now he is a Senior Deputy. That's good news! The not-so-good-news is that to reward him for his #1 on the oral, #1 on the written and #1 overall is they sent me back out to the desert to work in Rosamond. Not so great for him (he's now living in a travel trailer durning the week) but seems to be working out for me! So he came back over today with a new set of tuning pegs for the squire mini. So we spent the evening working on that (almost destroying it with my great selection of tools) but in the end I now have another great sounding guitar in the house. The old pegs were HORRIBLE and I am really amazed at how well this sounded. So before he headed back to Rosamond we spent some time jamming in my travel trailer (the kids were asleep) and learning more stuff. He actually went over A LOT and HOPEFULLY I can retain some of it.

Oh, the deal with the picture, he hasn't been around me for a while and wasn't used to me taking of ton of photos. I thought his reaction was pretty darn funny on this one so I went ahead and used it!

With all the crap that is going on at work it is really nice to have the distraction of him being around. I imagine once he gets settled into his new schedule (they switched him to swings) that it is going to be harder to connect up.


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