Sunday, July 20, 2008

More skies...

I ended up heading into town to meet up with Todd for a late lunch. The original plan is that we were going to photograph some stuff at sunset. But, since he is leaving TDY tomorrow morning he decided to go to Los Angeles today and spend the night so that he wouldn't have to get up at 0-dark-early and drive down there. So, like I said we just met for lunch, although I wasn't sure if we were going to do any shooting so I brought just a basic kit with me. On the way back the sky was just amazing so I pulled over a couple of times to try and capture it. The photograph above was one of the later stops and it was just beautiful.

Tomorrow we went down to North Hollywood to pick up Devin's new braces. I am looking forward to him getting a new set... I am just not looking forward to PAYING for that new set! It should be good though, I took tomorrow off so we can make a day of it and Denise isn't going down there by herself with all the kids.

I am still playing a TON and making great progress. I still have a long way to go but the pieces are all starting to fall together. I was playing with a new scale that a friend from work told me about and by accident I started playing the Christmas song The First Noel. It's really pretty funny when you are just screwing around and figure something out. So ultimately my plan has worked, instead of spending mindless hours on the computer I am spending mindless hours on the, er, wait a minute... I am spending QUALITY time on the guitar!


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