Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guitars, amps, practice and info..

Okay, I figure I will talk about something good instead of something bad - I might talk about the bad down below. Anyway after a "bad" day (see below) I bought a new Fender Hot Rod amp! Guitar Center is having a Fender Stratothon month and everything Fender is on sale. So, if you (I mean I) was going to buy something Fender, this would be the time to do it!  I have been looking at amps for a while now and this one in particular.  So I spent about two hours on Monday (after my doctors appointment) strumming away trying to decide if it was indeed the one to get.  I am REALLY happy with it and it truly sounds amazing.  I had a pretty wonderful tone to it.  I obviously don't get to play it loud very often and honestly I kind of like it at the lower volumes (which are still really darn loud).  After the sun went down behind the house I drug it in the back yard and Desirae and I "jammed" together.  It was really pretty funny and it was really kind of neat!

Okay, so now for the not so great news.  Well, I haven't been feeling well for a while now (and I kind of thought it was stress related).  Things kind of changed a bit over the weekend and early Monday I decided I needed to head into the doctor to find out what in the world was going on - or at least to address the "discomfort" that I was feeling.  So, I headed in to urgent care - couldn't get into see my new real doctor, and they ran some tests and such.   Bottom line the dude seems to think that I am a diabetic.  My sugar levels were all over the place and he kind of freaked on me.  He prescribed some medication, that after some different council it seems isn't really a great idea to start taking just yet so I am in a holding patter until I see my real doctor on Thursday.  

So as bizarre and frustrating weeks go this was a pretty good one.  I mean it wasn't all bad, I did get a new amp out of the deal, but it has been pretty darn stressful and work wasn't really calm either.  I have a pretty intense fire storm that is starting on Monday - so I have something to look forward too!  OBTW - we are getting Devin's new braces on Monday.


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