Friday, August 08, 2008

Last Day in Vegas

Well, this is a long time coming. We had horrible (no) internet connectivity at our hotel so it was pretty darn difficult to blog and post images. I just recently downloaded the images and thought I would finish off with the Las Vegas postings. The last night we spent driving down the strip and heading to Freemont street. After A LOT of driving we finally found it (didn't realize it was as far out as it was) and we made our way through the "experience". It really was cool and I think anyone who is there should take the time to head over there. There was a lot of stuff going on down there with street performers, bands, and great people watching.

One thing that was pretty cool was the guy pictured above making his spray-paint painting. It was really impressive to watch and we actually bought the one he is working on in the picture. You can't really make it out but he did the skyline of Vegas with the different casinos in there. It was pretty neat to watch now we just have to get it framed and displayed appropriately.

On the drive down there Denise took the camera and started taking night pictures of the strip, while we were moving. Most of the images turned out pretty good and I just picked the M&M image because we made our way there twice.

Anyway we had a good time in Vegas - but a week there is a pretty long time and needless to say we (or at least I) was ready to come home.


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