Sunday, August 03, 2008

Tahiti Village - Las Vegas

Well, we have made it to our second summer destination, Tahiti Village in Las Vegas Nevada. We kind of messed up or normal August spot (Pismo Coast Village) and my mom helped us set this up. So we arrived on Saturday and got settled in. The place is pretty nice and is like a really small apartment. We have one bedroom and a living room type area with a fridge and a microwave. It’s a pretty good place though. It is just down from the strip, actually it’s on the same road but the casinos are a couple miles down the road.

So we have done some running around and are having fun. The internet connectivity is ZERO so I am doing through though a hack on Denise’s Motorola RAZR and it is kind of painful - but it’s working.

We will probably hit some casinos tomorrow (those really aren’t my thing - but we have to do it!). And probably a movie or something.


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