Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Day three...

Today was our day to go down to the strip and make a day of it. We started at the Excalibur, which probably wasn’t the greatest idea but it worked out. We then just walked from there. Our venture through the Excalibur was pretty quick and we didn’t do much there and headed next door to New York New York to check that out and get some lunch. My first mistake was not eating before we left and by the time we finally found a place to eat it was kind of late for me.

We ended up eating at a Chinese food place in the NY, NY and it was pretty darn good. After getting setup there we meandered down to Planet Hollywood. That kind of messed us up because the last time we were here it was called Aladdin and the name change just didn’t make any sense. This casino does have a VERY impressive shopping and we spent a lot of time there. Our main destination was this photographic gallery with nature and animal photography. I can’t remember the guys name but it really is some impressive stuff. So we bought some stuff there and then moved on.

We then made our way to the Balasio and went through there. The only problem is by this time I was dying from all the walking and heat. We did stop in there for a bit and played some slots - where Denise was the big winner for the day making a whopping $40 from her $5 starting point. It was cool and it was nice to get a little break from all the walking. From there we ventured outside and ended up sitting around waiting for the next water show. It is really amazing how interesting and cool a water show can be but it sure was. For some reason they ran another show as we were walking out - even though they said it was going to be another 30 minutes - so we paused again and watched that one too.

From there we made our way across the street went back down toward the M&M store. We spent a lot of time in there and even did their 3D movie that was kind of funny and cool. Denise ended up buying a couple of things, including a set of M&M drum sticks. I think I got a coffee cup (can’t remember).

Our next to last stop was into the M&G Grand mainly as a potty break, but they had some cool stuff going on in there including a lion habitat area were we got to walk underneath two relaxing lions. That seemed like it was going to be a zoo (lots of people) but it really wasn’t too bad. After another stop at a gift shop we made our way out of the M&G and back toward the car.

By the time we made it back into the Excalibur both of us felt like we were going to die and didn’t really do too much there. We made a mad dash for another potty break and then back to the car.

So, back to the “hotel” (I guess resort is more appropriate) and we actually found a parking stop in the area this time. (Parking is HORRIBLE in this place). We made a quick deposit of all our acquisitions of the day and then decided to make our way down to the pool/jacuzzi to see if that would help with our tied bones... It worked pretty good although the pool was a bit cool but the jacuzzi was just right and help out.

Now we are back in the room, Denise is crashing for the night and I am writing this. So tomorrow hopefully I will be able to find an internet connection and I can post this darn thing.


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