Sunday, July 06, 2008

Guitar practice...

So I headed into Lancaster earlier today to meet up with Kris to talk about and play with guitars. He is MUCH better than I am and it was really cool to (again) be around someone who can actually play things. In the photo above he is playing his vintage (it is really sad that 1980 is vintage) Kramer Guitar. So we grabbed some lunch, hit guitar center (to buy Denise an extra set of drum sticks - it's a long story) and then headed back to his place for what some would call an illusion of jamming. The bottom line though - it's very relaxing to do guitar stuff. Kind of like photography except that you can just pick it up and start playing pretty much any time you have it around.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxed to. I am not sure if I mentioned the Rock Band purchase, but Denise and I were playing that for a good long while yesterday. Though it is a pretty goofy game - it is really cool! We made our selves a little band and are "playing" gigs. It is going to take some time before Devin and Desirae can play it though. They are getting better though and we did finish a couple of songs this evening and that was really cool. When I first heard about that game (and guitar hero for that matter) I thought it sounded pretty stupid and silly. BUT it actually pretty darn cool and a hoot to play!


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