Saturday, August 23, 2008

Antelope Valley Fair

It is that time of year again and we made our way to the Antelope Valley Fair today. Denise always like going those type of things and we haven't gone for a quite a while. So we loaded everyone up and headed out. Fortunately the weather wasn't too bad especially considering the time of year. We walked around for the first little bit and checked out a few things like the giant lizard to the left.  We also walked through a couple of the exhibit areas like the photo displays, animals and the science area.  

One of the guys from work (Dave Yergensen) that has been giving me a lot of pointers and help on learning guitar was also playing there with his band (Blind Date) so we stopped over and watched them perform for a while. It was pretty darn cool to see him perform live and to listen to them play. While we were there we also connected up with Kris and Gail and hung out with them for a good portion of the day.

Once the sun went down we ventured over to the amusement park area and Denise, Devin, Desirae, Deanna and Gail rode a couple of rides and played a few games. Desirae was REALLY looking forward to do that all day and other than a minor snafu with the ferris wheel (she wanted to ride in the bird cage) but she got over it pretty quick.

So once we finished up with that we grab something to eat - you know that amazing Fair food. From there we went back to watch my friend play and Denise and Desirae went on to ride some more rides in the "kiddy" area. The only bad thing about the day is that we left the Fair around 11pm and didn't get home until after midnight. So everyone just came in and crashed. Desirae was the funniest because she walked in, kicked her shoes off while she was walking in and crawled straight into bed. She was out before Denise got Deanna in bed!


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