Saturday, March 22, 2008

Town trip...

We decided to make a trip into town to hit Costco and Best Buy. We were going to look for coffee makers (and accessories) and movies. We were trying to make it a quick trip before Denise brother Brian came over to the house. As it turned out we were a little bit behind schedule and he made it here a bit quicker than we expected (in other words he got here before we did). So tomorrow we are going to hang out, color some eggs and basically have a good time!

Oh - the coffee maker search didn't work out very well but at least Denise found the movie she was looking for. I also picked up one of those Apple wireless keyboards. They actually had them at Best Buy and keyboard and mice where the only Apple computer products they had.

Oh, while we were waiting in the drive thru for dinner the lighting was pretty amazing on Denise's and that is where I took the lead in photograph. Right when I decided to take the shot Denise mom called her on her phone so I couldn't get one without the phone before the lighting changed... Oh well...


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