Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wind surfer boondoggle...

Late Friday Kris and I were talking about getting together to take some photographs. We were trying to come up with some ideas and I brought up finding some surfers. Especially considering the weather was going to be bad I thought that maybe the "waves" would be good. So today, after Denise came back from the Girl Scout thing today (which when I can see what she photographed I will post) I headed out. The weather was true to form and was pretty darn bad. It even started snowing on us as we were leaving Palmdale so it was pretty weird. So we drove down to Los Angeles area and headed down Sun Set Blvd toward the beach. First I have to say there are some really amazing homes in that area. Second it was just amazing all the way around. When we finally got down there we found a place to park, then found a place to setup and started shooting. There wasn't a lot of people out there but it was A LOT of fun to capture the motion of what the guys were doing.

After that we drove around some more, up toward Malibu just looking at the area and then back down toward Los Angeles International Airport. Kris has found a cool park right across the street from an In and Out Burgers that is in the approach path to land. It was REALLY cool and planes were going right over our heads. There were also a couple other (dorks) there doing the same thing. It was a blast shooting the planes and it is something that I have wanted to do for a long time. From there we headed back toward his home (in Lancaster) and then I headed back to California City. As you can see I got home kind of late so this is going to be a quick download of the images, pick a couple of selects and then I am going to bed!

Anyway it was really great and just what the doctor ordered! Considering our camping plans were blown out of the water because of the weather doing a photo boondoggle was perfect.


At Sunday, 16 March, 2008, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Wow - I love your shots - especially the guy flipping!


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