Friday, February 29, 2008

iMac saga...

Okay, to make this story quick, I called Apple Care yesterday and explained to them what happened. I also told them that had Kim from Apple Care told me that my repair wasn't covered that I would NOT have driven down to LA to take it in. I also said it was incredibly poor customer support for them to make a mistake like this and not take care of it. The lady on the phone said she understood but that I needed to talk to her manager. So after a short wait on hold Steve (I don't think anyone except Steve [Jobs] should be called Steve at Apple) came on the line and started to explain how the repair should be covered and that the recall only increase the warrantee to 3 years from time of purpose for people who didn't buy Apple Care. As I started to argue with him I heard him say, "but we made a mistake and I am going to authorize the repair". I couldn't really believe it - I mean I really figured I was going to have to argue my point through a few more levels of management to get a suitable resolution. But after about 15 minutes on the phone the problem was resolved and Apple agreed to repair my iMac for free... So at some point my little cool aide machine (at one point I told them that I drank the Cool Aide three years ago and I really expected more from Apple) is going to be fixed and I can go pick it up.


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