Sunday, March 09, 2008

Shooting again - food and milk...

Denise took the kids to a birthday party today so I made a trip into town to pick up some photographs I had printed at Costco (they really do a pretty darn good job) from the shots I took of Brad, Brian, Cheryl and us and the kids. When I got back I decided I needed to pull out some of the studio gear and make some photographs. I have been inspired by Steve's recent highly successful and very simplistic (in a good way) photographs and a food series that Scott Kelby did on his blog. I think I could have done better but I did create what I had in my mind so I am happy with the results. It was really great to do some work again. With everyone gone it really made it easy to put everything together - and it turned into a mess when everyone got home. But that what makes it an adventure!

We have an exercise at work next week and I am working the late schedule. I hope that all the rumors are true and they are not going to run us through the ringer on this one. Typically I am like the backup to the backup person but we have so many people out right now that there are only two of us. Fortunately the other guy Jason is a veteran of this and he is taking the first shift. So I will relieve him with about an hour of overlap and I should be able to get a handle on what I am going to need to do.

As computer woes go my situation is working pretty good with all systems green and running good right now. However I got a call from Todd today who asked me what I did to his laptop because it gave up the ghost today. I think he is in a worse way because it is way way way out of warrantee and it seems like it too blew a motherboard. I really lucked out on my situation and I hope things take a turn for the better for him. I know if I had to I could have purchase a new machine (as I know Todd can) but neither of us really planned or budgeted for that expense right now...


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