Saturday, March 08, 2008

Impromptu visit!

Well because of computer woes that I will address shortly I am behind on blogging. However we did have an unexpected visit and a house full (and trailer full) of folks show up for a visit. Denise's brother Brad, Brian, and step-mom Cheryl came for a visit. It was really wonderful having everyone here and getting to spend time with everyone. I really wish I could have taken some time off of work to really visit with everyone but that wasn't really an option. This was a bit earlier than they were expecting to come out but Brian needed some help with stuff out here and his family was there for him. I thought that was VERY cool. Brad had to get back to work so he flew back home today but Cheryl is going to spend a bit more time in California and probably leave sometime next week. So Brian is going to have another opportunity to show his mom his new stomping grounds and she gets to enjoy the mild California weather. There is a chance they will come back up here for another visit before she finally flies back home to Missouri.

Okay, now for the iMac issues. Apple fixed my computer and with Brad, Brian and Cheryl down in the valley they offered to pick it up and bring it back. That worked out REALLY well and I got it back on Wednesday I think. So far it is working though there were a few weird video anomalies. I have been watching it closely but it looks like everything is good!


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