Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Smoked iMac...

Well, my three year old iMac G5 20" 1st generation smoked yesterday morning. Denise got up, tried to use the computer, and I got the "Duane, the computer isn't working" call from across the house. I figured (hoped) that it was something simple, like I had unplugged it or something. However, after a quick check on the cables I realized NOTHING was going on. I didn't have a lot of time to troubleshoot the problem so it had to wait until I got home from work. So I gathered all my troubleshooting guides when I got home and went to work. After about fifteen minutes into it the guide basically said "you're screwed". So I then called Apple to see what they could do/suggest. After an even shorter time on the phone (after the 20 minute wait for a tech) the nice lady confirmed that it was dead. So I then asked about my Apple Care which she informed me expired on 20 Jan 2008. In the course of all this I found some information about known bugs my version of the iMac and I asked her to check on that. She said that my machine was covered under "recall" and as such if the problem is because of that it will be repaired for free! So that was at least a bit of potential good news. So tomorrow I am going to make the trek down to Northridge and drop it off with the Apple guys to see what they can do.


At Wednesday, 27 February, 2008, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Here's keeping crossed fingers that they can fix it and it will be free.


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