Sunday, February 24, 2008

Desirae’s Birthday & Fred...

Today was Desirae’s 7th birthday. Denise made her a nice chocolate cake and the dinner she requested. I know we have celebrated her birthday already when we went up to my mom’s place but today was the real day! She was really happy and it was a lot of even. Anne and her kids came over earlier in the day to exchange gifts and to play for a little bit.

It was made even more special because Desirae’s Uncle Fred was in the country and came to visit. I am not sure if you folks remember but Denise’s sister Michelle and family moved to Bolivia two years ago almost to the day (they left the United States on Valentine Day 06). So Fred made a trip because because of a conference and extended his stay so that he could take care of the stuff still left in the states. For the most part he was selling and giving away everything he could. He came over special to see us to give Denise some stuff that Michelle wanted her to have.

It would have been much nicer to see everyone but at least having Fred over was cool. He is actually going back home on Monday (I think) so he didn’t have a lot of time and he couldn’t spend the night because he has a yard sale he had to attend to the next morning. We did have a nice meal, exchanged some photographs (digitally) and shared some stories.

FWIW (For-What-It's-Worth) the reason the image of Fred doesn't look right is because I used a fill flash that was daylight balanced but didn't gel it to correct for the florescent lights in the kitchen. Had I used a CTO (Correct/Color to Orange) both lights would have matched and the lighting would have looked natural - instead of weird. I could have also pulled it into photoshop and color corrected it there - but that would have been a pain...


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