Friday, February 08, 2008

Interesting week...

Well, everyone at work has been telling me that I look like hell for the last few days - well the couple of days I made it to work. So it appears that yet once again the bug has caught up with me. So I am trying to recover and get better. With a couple of days off I really thought I would feel better today, but instead I felt worse today. Go figure!

So we finished out the week watching a movie and I spent a bit of the time photographing Deanna playing around. I really like the composition of this image with Denise in the background.

Well, another interesting thing, our Base Commander, Col Bryan Gallagher died on Tuesday morning while he was in his car parked to the gym. Very unexpected and bizarre. Base Commander's are hand selected for their position. I had been in a few meetings with him and I can honestly say it was an very unexpected turn of events. I think had it been a accident or something it would have been more likely but just dying in his car was way unexpected. I have been out of work since Wednesday so I am not sure if any additional information has been released.


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