Friday, January 11, 2008

Return updates!

First, I may try to find an image for this post tomorrow, but as it stands right now this is going to be a text post.

V-Moda: Okay, these guys are awesome! They have a wonderful product, although pricey, in their V-Moda Vibe-Duo which is a in-ear headphone designed specifically for the iPhone. The sound is great and they appear really well made. I had a problem with a broken cable where the right side went out. I contact the company via email and they were very responsive, polite and professional in their communication. Now, had I known where the receipt was when I first contact them I would have resolved this issue much quicker but as you may remember I didn't find the receipt until I went looking for the light meter receipt. I sent the broken set back and they quickly sent me a new (in the box) unit. They were VERY responsive in their emails and quick to return my new set. So, major kudos for their customer support! V-Moda, you guys rock!

Sekonic: These guys were pretty darn awesome too! The only issue I would say is that had I not called them I would not have known the status. It would have been nice had they either called or sent an email. Now I have been having spam deletion problems so it is possible (unlikely) that they did attempt to send an email. But, they quickly repaired the unit and replaced the dome (I had some grit in mine from the Death Valley trip). Basically they got it Friday (their closed on the weekends) and fixed and shipped it the following Monday. When I called for an update (to make sure they received it) on Monday they had already fixed and shipped the unit. I received the fix (and working) unit today! So tomorrow I should be able to use it with my pocket wizards! That is going to be REALLY nice! Again, they are a company that stood behind their product and quickly repaired the product and got me up and working again! Hmm, so I guess I could say, Sekonic, you guys flash!!! (I think you get the idea).

Photoflex: I have commented about them before and I am not thrilled with their customer support. As you may recall I ripped off one of the wheels on my lighting case. They have taken care of me and if everything went well my new case should have shipped today. I did not, however, receive an email or anything indicating that it shipped so my gut feel is that it did not. After communicating back and forth and checking with them about shipping the old case back they decided that I didn't need to do it. So here is the deal, in my opinion they should have made that determination right off the bat. I mean we are talking about a large case that would be difficult and cumbersome to ship. Had I not asked the question (again) I would have paid to ship this back. So in the end they are standing behind their product and I must say they never questioned if they should replace it so kudos to them for that but the process was a bit more difficult than I felt it really should have been. I assume I will have the new case sometime next week and I will be able to close this item out. Bottom line I am still happy with Photoflex but I wish they would look at customer service just a bit more and take a little extra effort to make their customers happy.

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