Saturday, December 22, 2007

Waiting for early Christmas...

The kids were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Nana and Max for Christmas. They came down for the weekend before Christmas and because they can not stay until Christmas day we end up doing their gifts a bit early. Anyway so we knew they should arrive any moment and the kids were so excited that they were looking out the window to see they drive up.

The gift exchange started out with the kids giving Nana and Max the things they bought for them plus the stuff we got for them. It was pretty and the kids were excited giving them their presents. The kids then opened their stuff and pretty much spent the rest of the day play with their new stuff.

The real funny part was Deanna though. She doesn't really understand everything but she gets so excited about everything. So her face just lights up and she is just really happy about all the stuff and colors and such. She actually helped Max crumple up some of the packing paper so that Max could photograph it.

Denise then made her English Christmas dinner which is just outstanding. It is a roast, Yorkshire pudding and other stuff that is just amazing. Everyone was pretty well stuffed when dinner was over.


At Sunday, 23 December, 2007, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Wonderful day, wonderful dinner and especially WONDERFUL family! Thank you for a great weekend.


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