Thursday, December 27, 2007

Customer service test...

Well, it is always a pain when something breaks or fails to work correctly, but it is always a good test of how good a company's customer service is. So I get the opportunity to check the customer service of both Photoflex and Sekonic, lucky me. So in April you may recall that I bought a PhotoFlex StarFlash 1000 Gemini Kit. It has worked out VERY well except the other day a wheel broke off the large case that carries everything (I mean everything too the darn thing packs up with 4 lights, 4 light stand, umbrellas, and 4 large/small soft boxes). So bringing it home after the shoot at Ann's I ripped the wheel on coming back in the house. So I called PhotoFlex earlier in the day and they said send pictures and the receipt and they will decide what to do. So far so goo so I spend a few hours searching for the darn receipts and send everything to them in email a few moments ago. I HOPE in the morning (hmmm, technically isn't it already morning) I will receive good news on how they are going to deal with it.

Continuing my broken gear saga I also have a problem with my Sekonic L-358 light meter. When we were back at Denise's brother's place I ordered the module to go along with my Pocket Wizards (I love Pocket Wizards, I mean how can you know love something that has pocket and wizard in it's name). Well the meter never recognized the radio module so today I finally connected with the people at Sekonic and they said it sounds like the meter is toast or at least the part that talks to the module. So now I have to box that up and send that back to them so I also found those receipts today as well.

Honestly I think the Sekonic is going to be a more straight forward test of service with the only thing being how quickly they turn everything around. I don't like being without a meter for a couple of weeks but I suppose I can fake it and just guess on my light settings using histograms and previews.

On a finally note when I was searching for information on Pelican Cases I was looking for a blog entry where I thought I spoke about it. In the end it appears that I bought the case BEFORE I started blogging so there was no mention of it. Anyway the interesting part is going back and looking at old entries. The really amazing part, at least for me, is that until the page comes up I don't really remember the instances but when I see the photographs and text it really brings everything back. It is also amazing to see how LONG ago things happened. I have only been doing this for a couple of years but there are things that I thought happen last year but it was longer. So if you are border venture in the past and see what happened. All I can say is blogs are really an amazing thing...


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