Friday, January 04, 2008

Pelican New Year!

Okay, so I had to work Happy New Year into the post because this is the first blog post of the year and it is already the 4th! All I can say is that it has been a busy week, even though it has been a short week.

But let's move on to bigger (literally) and better (I hope) things! My debacle with defective equipment (light meter, Photoflex case, v-moda headphones, etc) caused me to re-think my storage/protection of my studio strobe equipment. I have had such good luck with Pelican cases in the past that I decided to purchase a case to hold my strobe equipment. Now there was no way that I was going to put all my light stands and such in a single case but I figured if I could at least provide maximum protection to my electronic equipment that would probably be a good thing.

So today this huge box for my brand new Pelican 1630 arrived at the door. The box is MUCH larger than I anticipated (wanted to believe) but all my calculations worked out and I was able to pick-n-pluck out the new home for:

  • Photoflex StarFlash 1600 stobes
  • Alien Bee AB800 strobes
  • Speed rings for Photoflex
  • Speed rings for Alien Bee
  • Reflectors for Alien Bee
  • Pocket Wizards
  • Power & Sync Cords

    I still have room for my Sekonic L-358 (when it returns) if I decide to put it in the box.

    As is very typical with Pelican cases it went together pretty quickly. It features a "pick-n-pluck" system so you don't have to manually cut out the foam to put your gear in. Everything is pre-cut in little squares and you just pluck out your design. This particular case is pretty darn deep and for the equipment on the right I didn't even do into the bottom layer of foam in the case. I did have to do it for the Photoflex speed rings which are underneath the strobes.

    Just as an aside note, when I was thinking about doing this I pulled out my Pelican 1650 to see if that size would work. It was too small for the photo equipment but what was interesting is that everything looked brand new in the box. All that equipment has been stored in the garaged for a LONG time and it was in perfect condition. So with that I figure it would make a safe and secure home for my lighting gear!

    At Sunday, 06 January, 2008, Blogger SoCal said...

    Okay, so now I have 'case' envy. That would be really cool for my matching set of 650s. Hey, what happens if they go off inside with the lid closed? Sounds like a science experiment waiting to happen!



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