Monday, December 17, 2007

Mission accomplished!

Well, Randy made his way back up to the tower today to finish the job he started last week. Unfortunately I was stuck in meetings while he and Donavan were finishing their work but I did make it back up to the site after the sun went down and made this capture. I am VERY pleased with the capture and the final results of all their efforts. You can not see the lights from great distances but you can see if from the roads surrounding the site. So I am sure everyone who is driving past it is wondering where the 140' Christmas tree came from! With the red flash obstruction light it really does look like a gigantic tree. You know when Randy first came up with the idea I thought he was crazy but I am really glad that he did it. It pretty simple and pretty silly but I hope that it can help put a smile on someone's face as they are either going home for the day or coming back to base.

Since I also happened to be at work late today (tonight) Todd talked me into going and photographing the Communication Squadron's basketball team. It has been a LOOOOONNNNNGG time since I have photographed sports and basketball in particular but it was GREAT fun and I am very glad that I went. By photographs were basically crap but it was exciting to get back in the grove and to be thinking of different angles and such to try and capture the action that was going on. Considering most of my photographic work lately has been more planned out studio or landscape shots shooting action was a bit different a chaotic. For the most part I just put the camera in do everything mode and tried to follow the action. The lighting was pretty bad and the ISO was pretty darn high but I did get some usable shots. Hopefully when I finsih processing them the guys will enjoy them. Todd shot a lot too so it will be interesting to see how his stuff turned out. He has been shooting a lot of sports lately so I am sure that he got better stuff than I did. But, bottom line, I had fun and that too is something I haven't done in a long time either!


At Thursday, 20 December, 2007, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Cool shot and nice idea.


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