Saturday, January 19, 2008

First day... (Death Valley)

Our trip started out pretty good and keep on going that way! It was a long drive out to Death Valley and we left a little late but we did hit our first destination right on time. The only problem is that everyone else had the same idea we did, leave on Friday to get a full-hookup site! Needless to say everyone else made it there before we did so we had to switch to plan B. So we headed farther in Death Valley to go to the Furnace Creek Camp Ground. The only problem it seemed that everyone had THAT idea too! When we arrived at Furnace Creek it was also FULL and we could only stay for one night! Needless to say, Devin was NOT happy about that! So we switched to plan C!

On the way out we asked a Park Ranger and she said our only option to say the weekend was to head across the street to the other camp grounds. So there we went and there we pitched (you kind of pitch a trailer don’t you) our camp! So it was a good trip out here and everything is going fine!

On Saturday we headed out to Scotty’s Castle which I have read about but never been too. It was a LONG drive out there but it was pretty darn neat. It was amazing to think about folks building that place so many years ago. The Park Service performs “Living Tours” so our tour guide was in period clothing and acted as if it was 1939. She talked about what was going on in the world and all the “current” marvels that the castle had. It was a LOT of walking but Devin did an outstanding job and didn’t fall, lean, or touch anything he wasn’t supposed to.

The neatest part of the tour was the organ room. The guide turned it on as we were entering the annex of the castle and it resonated throughout the entire building. It was truly amazing and we both really loved it. So if you head out to Death Valley you need to set up some time to head out to Scotty’s Castle and take the tour. Just make sure you get there early or plan to eat lunch there because they only take 16 (I think) people per tour. So if the next group is already full then you have to wait. However there are other things to do in the area so if you plan it right it’s no problem! Well, we didn’t plan it right, but it did work out!

So today we are going to go look at some other sites and probably try to put some more water in the trailer (we ran out this morning!).


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