Sunday, July 08, 2007

Everyone's sick...

So it seems being sick is going around the house. Desirae turned up with pink-eye on Thursday night and it got worse Friday. I left a bit early on Friday so I could take Desirae down to the doctor and get her a better regiment of medication to fight her eye infection. The doctor also said that she was having a problem with her right ear and prescribed some medication for that as well. She was a pretty good little girl during the entire ordeal and it seems like the new meds are working pretty good.

Denise has also started not feeling well, she is normally the healthy one of the bunch, but she just wasn't able to dodge the bullet this time. She ended up going to the doctor today because she wasn't getting any better. They did do a battery of tests to make sure nothing major was a miss and they didn't find anything major. They were concerned because she was having a bad reaction to the decongestant causing her heart rate to run up. So the doctor recommend some different OTC medications that should hit the mark better.

Hopefully this week everyone will start feeling better.

OBTW - My mother is a tech support genius! I am not really one to use the telephone technical support of the various products that I use. My mother on the other hand is like a pip-viper that will not let go. You see we were having problems using the Apple iChat application to video conference. We had tried all kinds of different things to make it work and it was beating your head against the wall. Anyway she wouldn't let it do and she ended up spending probably 6 hours of a couple of days on the phone with Apple and Linksys folks. Bottom line - the damn thing works now. The key was with the Linksys folks, but they walked her through all kinds of changes on her router and now everything is working without a hitch. So major kudos goes out to "pimpmacnana" because she truly impressed me! I really was at the point of giving up and just using Skype - but her perseverance paid off! I am also very impressed with Linksys's technical support because she has had this router for a LONG time (I have the same model) and they still stood behind their product and supported it! Way to go Linksys.

On a final note - I WILL start shooting with my real cameras again - so I hope folks don't mind the iPhone images. Denise is also seriously thinking about starting her own blog (which I hope she does) so maybe there might be another perspective besides mine... Hmmm, that might NOT be a good thing! :)


At Monday, 09 July, 2007, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Thanks for the kind words - I have always been one to use tech support. I hope everyone gets well quickly - poor Desirae's eyes.


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