Saturday, June 30, 2007

Build a Bear...

First: Today was Desirae's Daisy Troop's Build-A-Bear trip to the mall. Unfortunately Denise's pictures are in the van right now so I can't pull them down. So tomorrow I will download those pictures and post them.

Denise took Desirae down with the Daisy Troop for the Build-A-Bear field trip. All the girls met up down at the mall and they had about an hour of going through the process of bringing to life their new teddy bear. Desirae made a cute little bear and I imagine it was a pretty fun thing to watch all the little girls going through the different stations.

About an hour into it - well actually an hour and a half - I loaded up Devin and Deanna and we drove down to Palmdale to meet up with Denise and Desirae. We met up for lunch in the mall and then went back to Build-A-Bear so that Devin could build his bear. (That's the picture at the top). I was really impressed with the place and it was a really neat idea. If any of you reading this have kids then I think this is pretty neat place to take them. Sometimes I really wonder where people come up with these ideas.

OBTW - the pictures above was taken with my iPhone - I was pretty happy with it. The lighting was horrible and it took better pictures than my other cell phone. I just didn't drag my Nikon gear out this time.


At Monday, 02 July, 2007, Blogger Sam said...

Jaron has been asking to have his birthday party at build a bear this year. After watching the video I think it's a really good idea. The website said you need a minimum of 6 kids for a party and that's our whole family...LOL!


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