Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Starting the 4th...

The morning started off well with a flag raising ceremony with the Daisy's at the base ball fields in the city. Denise and Desirae made the trip over there while Devin, Deanna, and I stayed home. This was the first time a flag has been raised on this particular flag pole and the mayor came out and did his thing. The local newspaper was there too photographing the event. Desirae was really happy when they got home because she said, "I am going to be in the paper!" So it will be really neat to see that next week when it comes out.

This year is a pretty low-key event and we didn't invite anyone over. As it turned out our yard is completely trashed. The water went off while we were on vacation so the grass in the back is completely dead and everything is overgrown with weeds taller than Deanna. Now Denise did do an excellent job weeding the front - but the back is completely lost right now. That is probably something that we will start trying to address this weekend...

Anyway considering this is posted early - I should most more through out the day!

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!


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