Friday, June 29, 2007


Okay, here's the deal, ever since Apple said they were officially coming out with an iPhone I have been wanting to get one. As the release date kept getting closer I kept reading more and more information about it. You all know I have been a Kool Aid drinker for a while - but I was still not sure they were going to be able to pull this one off. I decided to go for it because I needed a device that I could use while on the base to surf the net, check email, and basically do all my personal non-work related stuff. It really sounded like the iPhone was the device that would do it.

The next thing I figured is if I was able to get off work on Friday, drive down to an AT&T store and get one before they sold out then it was meant to be. Otherwise I would just wait and see what happened. So I finally left work at 1800 (as you know the stores opened at that time - and I still had about a 34 minute drive) and made my way from Edwards Air Force Base down to Lancaster Ca. When I finally did get to the store there was already a short line outside the store.

As me and the 15 or so people in front of me waited, ever so often someone would leave the store with a new bag of goods. I just assumed they were leaving with iPhones - but I am not sure. Every few minutes a store employee would come out and check the line and ever so often he would give a status on what was left. At one point he came out and said they had 4 8GB and 4 4GB units left. Then a few more minutes he said they were out of the 8s. Anyway bottom line is I got one of the 4GB units (which is kind of what I was going to get - unless they had the 8 or only the 8).

Okay - so heres the deal - all the hype - in my opinion Apple nailed it. The darn things does everything they said it would in the manner they said it would. Now I had read numerous reports about how bad the AT&T Edge (broadband) network is so I was probably prepared for it - but it is actually working better than I had expected. I can surf all the web sites I wanted to, which includes my stock photography sites, blog, bank, news, and just about everything else I could send to it. Now it won't do flash stuff so some things don't work - but for the sites I am going to hit on a daily basis it has it covered.

The only real thing I don't think and mainly it has to do with the fact that I can not plug my regular headphones, to include my Bose Quiet Comfort II, into the darn thing. I am not sure if there is an adapter or something - but they just don't work. Otherwise I am VERY happy and impressed with the new little Apple device. If my impression is common then Apple just hit gold (again) and EVERYTHING in the cellular telephone market is going to change. Now it is just a matter of waiting and seeing what comes next!


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I figured you of all people would buy one!! Sounds like you are enjoying it. Good for you!!


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