Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July!

Well, we had another successful 4th of July! We didn't have anyone over and it was just us but will still did all the same stuff. Denise made some outstanding food including her famous BBQ ribs that were just fabulous! She also made home made potato salad and her signature desert. Everything was made in a much small quantity of course - but it was all REALLY good! The California City fireworks display was impressive and I think this year was even better than last year. I decided not to photography it this year but instead sat and watched it with the family. Devin and Desirae really enjoyed it whereas Deanna was a bit more confused and freaked out by it. In the end she did come around and we all enjoyed a pretty good show.

So its back to work tomorrow for the rest of the week, hopefully it will be a quite!


At Thursday, 05 July, 2007, Anonymous Mom said...

What wonderful outfits you all have on. You must have gone to someplace very, very special to get those.


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