Saturday, June 16, 2007

Making good time... not...

Okay - so we HAD a good plan for today, but nothing really went down the way we thought it would. The idea was to hit the Dinosaur Museum when it opened, but we were told the wrong time that it opened. We thought it would open at 0900 but it wasn't until 1000. The only good thing about the morning is there was a parade that we got a chance to see. Since the museum wasn't open and we were up we went ahead and parked and watched them pass by. Well - my smugmug uploaded doesn't want to work right now so I will upload the album later with the parade pics. Okay - problem fixed, the images are located here!

Other than that everything went downhill from there. We should have hit the petrified forest early in the day and then the meteor crater after that. As it turned out we barely made it to Winslow for the night. So, the revised plan is that we spend the night in Winslow and then hit the meteor crater in the morning. Then drive the 8 remaining hours home. This SHOULD work out okay. Either way we will be home tomorrow.

On a side note - to further explain how wonderful today was - Denise lost her car keys. We have no idea where we lost them but it had to be along one of the stops. There was also a misunderstanding at one stop about a necklace that Denise wanted to get. She should have just bought it but I think I thought she wasn't that interested in it and she thought I didn't want her to get it. Oh well... Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!


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