Friday, June 15, 2007

Heading home - Cadillac Ranch...

We started our long journey home today leaving just about on schedule. The entire idea with this part of the trip was to take a bit more time and as such we stopped along the way any time something looked interesting. That included a couple of stops at some Indian places as well as the Cadillac Ranch located in Amarillo Texas. I haven't taken video in a long while so I decided to use Denise's camera to video our trip of it. It was kind of strange and we didn't really know what to think of the people painting the cars while we were there.

All in all our first day of the return trip was pretty nice. We made it in to Tucumcarri Arizon for our first stop. The folks at the Hampton Inn (yes I know - but we figured we would give them another chance and this one is pretty nice) told us of a place up the road that had awesome food. So tomorrow we hit the road again with a dinosaur museum, forest, and crater on the roster. We shall see how everything turns out though!


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