Monday, January 08, 2007

Last of the Cast

Today was a whirlwind day that ultimately ended in Devin having his casts removed. Denise and I were both under the impression that he would have another set of casts put on but that turned out to be the wrong impression. Our day at Children's Hospital lasted forever when Devin and I got down there at 1300. I kind of figured we would be out of there pretty quickly but we didn't actually leave the hospital until 1630. Perfect timing to hit all of the traffic! Anyway Dr. Kay though the casts worked out pretty good and said he didn't think we should have another set put on. We did go ahead and have hiim measured for his new braces which should be ready on the 24 Jan. I think the biggest single mistake I made was not even considering the idea that he would not have another set of cast and I didn't bring any shoes or anything for him. So it was a total nightmare trying to leave the place. The original idea is that we would have done some shopping when we were finished - but with his lack of mobility and protection (and how late it was) we just headed straight home.


At Wednesday, 10 January, 2007, Anonymous Mom said...

Looks good with his heels all the way down. Is he comfortable in the achilies? Does this mean no surgery?


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