Monday, December 11, 2006

Milestone and more...

Okay - the first thing for today... I sold 100 pictures on iStock! I mean it isn't really that much but today was the big 100. It seems that pictures of Devin seem to sell pretty good. It is also funny that the photographs that I completely planned out sell better than everything else. So what does this mean? Well, not very much but right now I have made $41.60 on iStock and $54.10 on Shutterstock. Oh - I have sold 216 images on ShutterStock. I do have sales on some of the other sites - but they are fairly small compared to the main two. If I the sales continue on the same I should pass my all time monthly high on Shutterstock too - so that will a milestone as well.

We had a little potential problem today with our Children's Hospital appointment. As it turns out the doctors are currently not preferred providers and as such we have to pay a little more for Devin's appointment on Wednesday. However it really isn't that bad - but the hospital is still preferred so any x-rays and braces will be covered as preferred. So I imagine the appointment will go pretty good. Denise spend HOURS on the telephone today with Children's Hospital and Blue Cross tracking down all the different variables to this equation. In the end it is going to be just slightly more than we expected. Though I suppose it would be nice to NOT have this right before Christmas - but considering our yearly deductibles it will cost us less than if we do it in Jan. If interested the Oct 05 Children's Hospital post is here!


At Tuesday, 12 December, 2006, Blogger Donna Rae said...

Hope all goes well at Children's Hospital. Thank goodness you have the money to cover things and have a CHOICE! Congrats on the pictures.


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